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Situations When You Might Need Advice

Throughout your lifetime, you’ll be faced with situations that may require helpful advice from an experienced professional. We seek to serve as your one-stop tax and investment resource, guiding you through the various financial milestones in life.

The following are occasions when you may need advice:

  • Starting, buying, selling, or closing a small business
  • Changing or leaving a job
  • A raise or promotion
  • Before receiving a distribution from a 401K or pension plan
  • Buying or selling a house or rental property
  • Refinancing your current home
  • Receiving an inheritance
  • Making a charitable contribution
  • Giving or receiving a gift over $13,000
  • Anytime your investment time horizon changes
  • Retiring or starting to receive Social Security
  • Having a child
  • Questions about financing your own, your children’s, or your grandchildren’s education
  • Any situation where you would just want to talk or get a second opinion